the history behind the Heart Kite

I was asked few times about the history behind the heart kites. That's now a trial to bring all sources and impacts on one sheet with the goal, to motivate others to start or continue building kites.

The first time I saw a heart shaped kite was 2010 at the Festival in Dieppe France. A lady flew (or hold) a kite which I never saw before. Of course - that's not difficult in Dieppe - if you would like to be inspired, that's one of your places.

The heart didn't flew well, maybe because of the challenging wind direct behind the tents or based on other reasons. However, it was looking nice and I talked a little bit with the lady. The details I don't remember but I'm sure I never asked if it's ok to build something similar. That was at that time not in my focus - I had other plans for my next kites.

René Maier

Few days later I had to drive back home. Alone in the car, a trip of 900km and in the CD player was running Elvis. Still dreamily about all the impressions from the festival and this guy is singing 'falling in love'. Thereby I remembered the heart kite and how well it would fits for this song.

At home I had to go back to work and in the free time I continued buildig kites. Some weeks later I was again driving to a kite festival. In the player was still the same CD and as you can imagine - I had directly this scenery with the heart kite in my mind. At that point I decided to try to build something similar.

A 1st example was built with Tyvek, some fibre spars and scotch tape. So it was quite easy to change the shape, to cut or to add a little bit from or to the sail. After some time I had the feeling, with that completely over taped example is no progress anymore. With the findings from the first example I did a 2nd one. The following procedure was the same - try and make some progress - try again and go back to the previous setting. If I remember me correct, was the 4th example the first one built with fabric and with that the 'thing' was flying a little bit.

René Maier

About 1 year later and with the experience of 8 or 9 examples I showed the kite the first time to Daniela and Gerhard. Together we discussed possible solutions and new ideas. The whole process started again on a new example.

More than once I was thinking: it looks nice but it will never fly. Without my Austrian friends I would have a lot of experience but no heart kites. They were those who accompanied me all the way and spent a lot of support and motivation.

Over about 3 years I did 14 trials with different sails. As long as there where only changes on the bridle or a modification which where possible with a cable fixer or some magnets no new sail was required. To do modifications on the sail itself I had do build a new one.

Now I had an example which can be called kite. It flies well - not perfect - but it flies. The response from different friends (and unknown persons) where very positive and they asked if it's possible to buy one. Kite building is my hobby - I have my job to earn money - and therefor I rejected. But let them build their own one. The rest of the story is well known.

The most things I learned in my live where because somebody else shared his knowledge or gave me a hint or idea. Therefor we have also for the heart kite multiple parents:

  • Li Ruoxin (made the kite I saw in Dieppe)

  • the Lady in Dieppe

  • Elvis

  • somebody who developed and published the principal of the Circoflex

  • Daniela and Gerhard

  • Franziska and Dominique

To all of them many thanks, to be with me a piece on the way.

René Maier


I'm aware about discussions, if it's ok to copy a kite, a design or an idea. There are like always different opinions - in my opinion we have 3 situations:

  1. for private purpose - if somebody builds a kite based on something I did, that's motivation to search for new ideas, to think about how to combine 2 already existing things and build something 'new'.

  2. for commercial purpose / with a contract between company and developer - that's perfect for those who prefer to buy kites then to build their own ones.

  3. for commercial purpose / without a contract - sad but not worth to spend too much time with it. It's like bad weather - I can do nothing against it and therefore I decided for me to focus on topics I can change and to spend time for thinks I like.